Serious data breaches and threats, changing technology, compliance, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats have placed more emphasis on protecting data and networks than ever before. Digital Consulting Group Security services help you make sense of today’s complex security environment, meet compliance requirements, and protect the investments you have made in your business. Often times business owners have a general idea of where their important pieces of data live, don’t understand how to secure the information from attackers. The Digital Consulting Group can help with that.

Just like your business needs, security is a critical part of your company strategy. Digital Consulting Group considers security in everything we do –architecture, deployment, cloud, training, seminars, and consulting services.

Types of offerings available include

  • Security strategy and information services policy review
  • Security technology roadmaps
  • Solution architecture and technology selection
  • Security tool evaluation/selection
  • Monitored and managed security
  • Security training